LEGEND OF THE DEMON CAT ตำนานอสูรล่าวิญญาณ

LEGEND OF THE DEMON CAT ตำนานอสูรล่าวิญญาณ นักแสดง : Xuan Huang, Shota Sometani, Yuqi Zhang ผู้กำกับ : Kaige Chen   China’s continued interest in gaining insight into how Hollywood works is paying off for both sides of these deals. This insight will continue to help them ramp up their own production capabilities and speed up their […]

Dungeon Hunter 5 – A Super Fusion Bonus!

One major trend that continues is Chinese investment flowing into the United States. Almost 50 percent of all U.S.-targeted M&A transactions from foreign investors came from China in Q1, and media and entertainment is a significant driver of that figure. In addition to acquisitions, there were a number of investments in U.S. film studios, including […]